DAD Chain rallies by 116%: where to buy DAD

DAD Chain rallies by 116%: where to buy DAD

DAD Chain’s mission is to decentralise advertising using blockchain tech

Singaporean crypto project DAD Chain has increased in price by 116% over the last week and has even managed gains of over 30% in the last 24 hours. Can its strong fundamentals and use case help it rally further?

In this article, you will find out where to buy DAD, as well as learning the basics of the project. We will provide a price prediction for DAD as well, so read on to learn more about this potential investment opportunity.

How & where to buy DAD Chain in the UK and elsewhere

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What is DAD Chain?

DAD Chain is a blockchain-based decentralised advertising protocol designed to disrupt the operations and cash flows of the advertising industry. Using advanced anti-fraud algorithms, DAD detects fake traffic, meaning that advertisers won’t have to pay out for fraudulent clicks.

DAD also uses smart contracts and micropayments to automate and streamline payment flows, ensuring that payments are made accurately and in real-time. The recording of transactions and advertising data on the blockchain increases transparency while also maintaining data security.

Should I buy DAD Chain today?

With 30% daily gains, DAD Chain is currently in a micro bull market. The overall crypto market has been trending downwards for several months now, and so DAD offers an opportunity for investors to grow their wealth while the wider market falters.

DAD is also an outlier in that it frequently experiences enormous price spikes: the DAD price rapidly shot up by over 10x earlier this month. This kind of upside volatility isn’t accompanied by a downside counterpart, giving an asymmetrical risk/reward profile to investors.

DAD price prediction

DAD is trading at $0.1627 at the time of writing, and has recorded a series of higher lows, causing it to form an ascending triangle pattern. If it can break through horizontal resistance around $0.187, a more prolonged move to the upside could ignite a long-term bullish trend.

This could see a return to the $0.30-$0.40 region that DAD traded in for much of April and May. A bullish divergence would also bring the $0.2666 level into view — a key target on the 3-month chart.

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